Apply for the 2022 Board Mentors of Color Program

Applications for mentees are now open for the 2022 Board Mentors of Color Program. Get matched with an experienced community leader and develop leadership skills, build & deepen community relationships and gain support in navigating Austin nonprofit boards. To learn more and apply, click here.

Board Inclusion Assessment & Recruitment Workshop

Begin 2020 by committing to make your board more diverse and inclusive! The New Philanthropists invites you to apply to their Nonprofit Board Assessment Program, First Look, that helps a board prepare for the transformational process required to increase diversity. Identify your challenges through their Recruitment workshop and learn the right strategies to build a better board!  Recruitment Workshop: In […]

The Ripple Effect: 2024-2025 Legacy Leadership Circle  

The New Philanthropists is excited to announce the 2024-2025 Legacy Leadership Circe. We’re bringing thought-leaders together across the Greater Austin community to address and advocate for a more diverse, inclusive and equitable nonprofit sector. In a time when these values are being challenged and dismissed, stepping into brave spaces matter. And we at TNP know that one individual’s action can […]


This week TNP published its first data report, a Black Paper: “Breaking Barriers: Bridging the Nonprofit Board Representation Gap in Austin, Texas.”  As part of the Black Paper, we included historical context on the inequities within philanthropy and specifically nonprofit board service. We’re strong believers on how history has shaped the present and defines how we can move forward. As […]

New Report: Breaking Barriers – Bridging the Nonprofit Board Representation Gap in Austin, Texas

The New Philanthropists, in partnership with Measure, is releasing its first data report, Breaking Barriers: Bridging the Nonprofit Board Representation Gap in Austin. The Black Paper focuses on insights accumulated from participants of the Board Mentors of Color Program and highlights the voices from leaders of color in the Austin community. Read detail below. For Immediate Release – February 28, […]

Stand up and welcome 2024 Mentees!

We want to see a community where ALL can thrive. It’s in our mission! That’s why we’re excited about the 2024 co-hort of the Board Mentors of Color Program (BMOC). We created this specific mentoring program so that BIPOC mentees can learn from leaders that have navigated nonprofit boards, leadership and philanthropy in Austin and learn from their lived experiences. […]

Reflecting on 2023

2023 has been a rewarding and challenging year for The New Philanthropists (TNP) in Austin, Texas. We are celebrating our 5th year of existence, and we have seen our community-focused on building equity and inclusion on nonprofit boards continue to grow with investments from businesses and nonprofits willing to do the work. And the most exciting news is we were […]

Announcing our 2024 Mentors!

After a year of re-assessing the Board Mentors of Color program and the need for more leaders to step up, support and create access for the next generation of leaders, we’re excited to announce that the Board Mentors of Color (BMOC) program is back! We, at The New Philanthropists, are inspired by the new slate of mentors and would like […]

Why Pursuing Equity on Nonprofit Boards Still Matter

Have you heard of the phrase “mountain top experience”? When we arrive at the apex in life, it feels great, but then we are often forced to go down the mountain, sometimes to a valley or a plateau, because we can not stay on the mountaintop forever. We must keep moving; hopefully, we will get to another mountain experience soon. In […]