The Ripple Effect: 2024-2025 Legacy Leadership Circle  

The New Philanthropists is excited to announce the 2024-2025 Legacy Leadership Circe. We’re bringing thought-leaders together across the Greater Austin community to address and advocate for a more diverse, inclusive and equitable nonprofit sector. In a time when these values are being challenged and dismissed, stepping into brave spaces matter. And we at TNP know that one individual’s action can create a collective impact. By activating these leaders, not only into deep conversations but in inclusive strategies focused on changing the philanthropic sector, we’re creating a ripple effect that will ultimately redefine how diverse leadership can be uplifted and what it means to be an inclusive philanthropist today. Help us welcome our new cohort of legacy leaders as we welcome them to The New Philanthropists Familia. 

You can view the full membership here or on our Team page.

Meet the 2024-2025
Legacy Leadership Circle Members

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