New TNP Board Members are here to Create a Culture of Equity

“It’s impossible for nonprofits to thrive without a true culture of equity and belonging. TNP’s work gets to the heart of addressing issues that have affected so many individuals and nonprofits that I’ve worked with over the years and I’m thrilled at the opportunity to serve on the board.” ~ Jen Pavich, TNP (new) Board Member.

We’re honored to bring two amazing leaders to The New Philanthropists board. We’ve witnessed their journey around diversity, equity and inclusion from a far, and now we are excited to bring them into the TNP familia to continue our efforts in creating a culture of equity in the nonprofit sector. With their leadership and guidance, we know that TNP will continue to create community where ALL can thrive. Help us welcome our new board members, Jen Pavich and Sierra Randall.

Sierra Randall / Jen Pavich

Learn more about Sierra Randall (left) and Jen Pavich (right) and the rest of the board on our Team’s page.

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