This week TNP published its first data report, a Black Paper: “Breaking Barriers: Bridging the Nonprofit Board Representation Gap in Austin, Texas.”  As part of the Black Paper, we included historical context on the inequities within philanthropy and specifically nonprofit board service. We’re strong believers on how history has shaped the present and defines how we can move forward. As you think about your board and leadership journey, ask yourself who’s been afforded to sit on boards and have easily accessed these leadership positions? Learn more about the History of inequities impacting nonprofit board diversity on the timeline below.

From the report: The need for TNP’s services to build a pipeline to leadership for people of color, and cultivate diversity, equity, and inclusion among mainstream nonprofit boards stems from a long history of inequity, racism, and discrimination in the United States as a whole and specifically within the nonprofit sector. An overview of key historic events over time, starting from the beginnings of organizational inequity in private companies as early as the 17th century, through the growth of nonprofits into the 20th century alongside the Civil Rights movement, leading up to the present day, where the hundreds of years of under- representation and privilege have systemic effects on how nonprofits are led and how boards operate, is present in the timeline. Download full timeline here.

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