Being Seen: Bringing the 2024 Mentees and Mentors Together

Sometimes seeing someone that looks like you and has a shared experience makes all the difference in the world. And when you have representation on a nonprofit board, that’s when you make a real impact in the community. Representation, being seen, and knowing your value are just some of the reasons we created the Board Mentors of Color Program. A couple of weeks ago we launched the 2024 BMOC program with an event, discussion panel on our Black Paper and an opportunity for the program participants to meet in person. The opportunity brought a real-life connection that mentees need, to connect with their mentors and by doing that, we created a shared space, a brave space that gave our participants not only an opportunity to be themselves but to see that they’re not alone in their journeys. Mentors shared their board journeys and how sometimes they had to navigate board spaces alone and mentees shared a need for connection and being seen in a community where they may be the only ones in board rooms across Austin. We’re excited and honored to bring the 2024 program participants and support them in their journeys.

Help us welcome the 2024 Mentors and Mentees! You can see the full list of Mentees here and the Mentors here.

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