Introducing our New Board Members

The New Philanthropists is proud to introduce our new additions to the board of directors. We are building a dream team of professionals that not only believe in our mission but are also leading the conversation in their own communities on diversity, equity and inclusion. We are excited to have their expertise, cultural values and drive to continue to make […]

Welcome Mentees: 2019 Board Mentors of Color participants

We’re excited to welcome the inaugural co-hort of mentees to the 2019 TNP Board Mentors of Color Program. After careful review of over 70 applications, we’re thrilled to bring these leaders of color on board and help with them their leadership journey. Our mentees come from all walks of life & experiences and will be matched with our mentors and […]

The Launch of TNP’s Board Mentors of Color Program

The New Philanthropists proudly announces the launch of the Board Mentors of Color program! This unique opportunity supports new and experienced board members of color by matching them with established community leaders as mentors in order to develop community leadership skills, build & deepen community relationships and gain support in navigating Austin nonprofit boards. Selected participants (mentees) are matched with mentors in […]

TNP welcomes its first Executive Director

It is with great excitement that I formally announce my new role as Executive Director at The New Philanthropists (also known as TNP). When I first learned about TNP, through founders Monica Maldonado-Williams and Mando Rayo, I immediately wanted to become involved and I immediately understood the mission. Throughout my career in advertising, my work focused on developing relevant creative […]

TNP Board Prospect Recruitment Mixer

We hosted a great Q&A with Ali Khataw & Emlyn Lee at our Asian Communities Meet-up. We discussed ways Asians can get connected to mainstream nonprofits, board service and leadership as well as identity issues and how to represent the many cultures and voices of Austin Asians on nonprofit boards. Thank you to our our community partners Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce, Kinokuniya Bookstore […]

TNP Nonprofit Assessment Kick-Off Event

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TNP Mosaic Award Winner

In 2018, Mando Rayo, Monica Maldonado Williams, and Kazique Prince were on hand to accept one of the inaugural Mosaic Awards. The awards honored organizations and businesses advancing diversity and inclusion efforts in Austin. 

Nonprofit Assessment Info-session

On Thursday, we presented the first opportunity for nonprofits to get involved with our work. So many nonprofits are eager to improve the diversity of their boards, but, as we stated that afternoon, there are no shortcuts. There’s so much more work to be done.  We believe that improving diversity constitutes a major change to an organization’s processes and culture, […]

Seeking People of Color for your nonprofit board?

“Do you know any Hispanics (*Latinos), Black leaders in Austin?” This is a very common question or request we get from Austin nonprofits. If you’re looking to become a more inclusive organization and reach people from Black, Latino or Asian communities, you’re asking the wrong question.  Understanding of and access to underrepresented communities and cultures is an asset all nonprofits […]

After 25 Years of Talk, It’s Time to Act on Diversity

Full Chronicle of Philanthropy article where The New Philanthropists is quoted on the need for nonprofit organizations to become more inclusive.  Board qualifications need to be reassessed so that they emphasize cultural understanding of the communities the organization is serving, which should result in more people of color on boards, says Mando Rayo, founder of the New Philanthropists, an organization aiming […]