LVLS: The New Philanthropists feat. Paulina Artieda

Want to hear about the importance of serving on nonprofit boards as a BIPOC leader? TNP’s Executive Director, Paulina Artieda, and LVLS podcast personalities, Rudolph Garrison and Kris X Ward, engage in a rich discussion on why board service matters, why representation is needed at the table and the benefits of serving on a board. The New Philanthropists wants to bring to the top discussions like these, so we can bring awareness to the diversity gap at leadership circles and how together we can make a change.

We also like to support and feature unique podcast platforms that are led by BIPOC personalities and that showcase a much needed perspective in our community.

About LVLS podcast: LVLS [lev-uhls] – where culture and business collide. We chop it up and dissect culture viewed through the lens of business, with the intent to identify useful tactics, and practical applications for those looking to level-up.

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