TNP welcomes New Board Member, Estevan Delgado!

The New Philanthropists is very excited to have Estevan Delgado join the Board of Directors!

We got to sit down with Estevan to ask him some questions on leadership and he shared his words of wisdom for board prospects, “It’s important to reflect on personal values and your desired impact on the world. Remember where you came from, identify the seen and unseen identities amongst yourself and your community, and then find organizations that align with creating space for that.”

Estevan also talked about having grown up in the Deep South where there were never pathways to leadership for people who looked like him. He hopes that by serving on a board and embodying the essence of a Chief Empowerment Officer, he can bring the people of Central Texas together for the common good. 

As Estevan takes on the role as TNP’s newest board member, he wants us all to honor all the progress made towards inclusive leadership but at the same time, encourage us to keep the conversation going. 

“We are sliding back, and I want to be sure that we don’t fall back into those pitfalls as a community.”  – Estevan Delgado

Learn more about TNP’s Leadership Here!

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