TNP welcomes its first Executive Director

It is with great excitement that I formally announce my new role as Executive Director at The New Philanthropists (also known as TNP). When I first learned about TNP, through founders Monica Maldonado-Williams and Mando Rayo, I immediately wanted to become involved and I immediately understood the mission. Throughout my career in advertising, my work focused on developing relevant creative solutions that connected with communities of color and helped build brand relationships through campaigns that didn’t stereotype. This experience had me sitting at tables where, as a Creative Director, I had to educate my clients on the value of different perspectives and the influence that their multicultural audience have as consumers, leaders, game changers and more. Taking on this role has extended my passion for standing up for the underrepresented, leading with knowledge and building awareness on the importance diversity. 

When The New Philanthropists became more than a project, I became fully involved as a founding board member where I made it my goal to ignite the momentum for an organization that is building bridges where there is a leadership gap. I’ve realized since then that my passion for philanthropy, cause marketing and representation have led me exactly to where I belong and where I know I will bring forward my best thinking, innovation and ganas (also known as ambition/willingness/hustle). I am so grateful for this opportunity and all that will unfold, because I will tell you that The New Philanthropists has a lot in store and we are not doing it alone. We have community, we have leaders and we have nonprofits that are stepping up. I invite you to join me to carry the momentum across Austin and to add seats to the table on nonprofit boards.

Paulina Artieda
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