Diversity & Inclusion Planning

The Nonprofit Board Diversity Program

The Nonprofit Board Diversity Program is a multi-stage, one-year program designed to move nonprofit boards from assessment to placement. The full process from assessment to placement, is a hands-on, in-depth process tailored to nonprofit boards. While every nonprofit board is different, the following is an outline of how most boards will move through the program. The program includes the following phases.

1. Assessment
a. Assess board member views around diversity and how it affects efficacy (utilizing Intercultural Competence – Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®) – the premier cross-culturally valid assessment for building cultural competence in organizations)
b. Evaluate current board diversity, perceptions and attitudes through in-person interviews

2. Feedback
a. IDI Individual and Board Feedback
b. IDI Board Workshop

3. Diversity Plan
a. Develop Board Inclusion Goals & Diversity Plan
b. Activate Diversity Plan and Identify Board Prospects

4. Placement
a. Recruitment & Onboarding Process:
1. Interviews and Relationship Building
2. Site visits and meet and greet with current board members
3. Placement decision

5. Post-placement Assessment
1. Interview of Placement and Executive Staff
2. IDI Group Reassessment at One-Year Mark
3. Address Issues & Make Plan to Resolve

In 2018, we completed the pilot of this program with Caritas of Austin. That year-long project led to TNP placing three new board members in January 2019, with the post-placement phase in progress. This pilot program is a continuous journey with Caritas, as we review their progress and evaluate their results along the way.